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What Is Your Minimum Order Quantity?

Casual style – 48 pieces per art number.
Formal style – 24 pieces per art number.
Please note, the total minimum quantity should amount upto 200 pieces.

Can You Do Customized Orders?
Yes, we take customization orders for colours, sizes, designs etc. but only if the order fulfills our minimum quantity requirement
Do You Provide Samples And How Much Do You Charge?
Yes, we provide fabric and embroidery swatches, if certain terms and conditions are met. Please contact us at customer care to know more.
How Do I Search For A Specific Product?
There is a search bar on the top-right corner of our website. Just type what you are looking for and hit search. Your desired products will be displayed on the page.
What Countries Do You Ship To?
We do world-wide shipping.
How Do You Make The Shipment?
By air freight or sea freight.
Do You Deliver Specified Quantity?
Yes, we majorly deliver in bulk quantity.
Do You Deliver A Single Product?
Yes, but only for the ones that have already been ordered in specified quantity previously.
If I Provide You With My Own Ideas And Designs, Can You Manufacture Them In Specified Quantity?
Yes, we can.
Can A Single Order Be Shipped To Multiple Addresses?
Do I Have To Order This Minimum Quantity Per Colour, Size Or Style?
No, you can order different colours, sizes and/or styles as long as it fulfills our minimum quantity requirement.
How Long Does It Take To Deliver The Order?
It depends on the mode of shipment. Air freight takes upto 5 days while in case of sea freight, it usually depends on the vessel and port of destination.
Are There Any Additional Shipping Costs?
All shipping charges will have to be borne by the consignees.
What Mode Of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept payment only through bank transfer in company’s account.
What Are The Payment Terms?
50% advance is required at the time of confirmation of your order. The balance 50% of your payment is required before we ship the finished products.
Can I Pay In Installments?
Yes, you will receive part of your order that you have paid for. For the rest, you can make 50% advance payment and receive the remaining order once the balance amount is paid.
What Currency Do I Use For Payment?
We accept bank transfers only in US Dollars.
How Do I Track My Order?
We will provide all the tracking details like tracking number, airway bill number etc. pertaining to your order so you can easily track your orders online, once it has been shipped by us.
Can I Change My Delivery Address?
Yes, you can change your delivery address by notifying us at least 1 week prior to shipment of your order.
How Do I Make Sure My Products Aren’t Faulty Or Defective Once My Order Is Delivered?
We have a rigorous quality check at each step to make sure there is no room for errors. You can check our Video for the entire process. We also keep updating our customers at every step of our production process, if our customer requests to receive updates. Unless they review and approve, we do not move forward.
What Are Your Hours Of Operation?
Mon – Sat, 10 am to 6 pm, Indian Standard Time.
How Do I Contact Customer Service?
You can email us at info@shailendarchhugani.com

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