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Our in-house team of designers meticulously crafts a diverse range, from casual to formal designs, staying attuned to seasonal trends. Clients can choose from our ready samples or collaborate with our design team for personalized creations. With skilled hand embroiderers, thread embroiderers, masters, and tailors in-house, we bring your designs to life. Every creation undergoes rigorous quality checks before precise packing and delivery to our valued clients. At Shailendar Traders, we seamlessly blend style and craftsmanship to cater to your unique fashion needs.


The order procedures we follow at Shailendar Traders are well thought-out and detailed steps taken to churn out premium products, without losing focus on professional and pleasant customer experiences:

Sample Showcasing At Our Showroom

With a large variety of samples showcased at our showroom, our customers get a firsthand experience of our products and their exclusivity.

Attending Customers On A One-to-one Basis

Understanding our customer’s requirements is the first and most important step we take to deliver a world- class product. Customers can either pick from existing samples or discuss relevant changes to be made to all available samples.

Finalising Orders

Once the sample garment is approved by the customer, order details are finalized: the number of pieces, the time required, delivery conditions, payment details, etc.


1. Sourcing Fabric

With an extensive network of fabric manufacturers and suppliers, the fabric we source is matched to the requirements discussed and documented with the customer. The fabrics we work with include georgettes, chiffons, silks, taffetas, viscose (rayon , modals ) linen, cotton ( voil, ambric mull ) & polyesters.

2. Pattern Drafting

Expert pattern makers get to work after everything is checked for quality, where they cut out exact patterns based on instructions and sketches given to them.

3. Embroidery

Patterns all cut, embroidery work begins, which is where our embroidery specialists address all embroidery work to be done for the garments. Some of the kinds of embroidery work we specialize in include: hand embroidery, manual machine embroidery, manual chord work, manual aari embroidery, computer machine embroidery, computer aari embroidery, computer chord work, etc

Embroidery Types

This intricate hand embroidery is a testament to craftsmanship and artistry. Every stitch is meticulously crafted, enhancing the fabric with delicate and detailed patterns. The skilled hands of our artisans bring a unique and personalized touch to each piece, making it a work of wearable art. From fine lines to elaborate motifs, the hand embroidery on this garment adds a touch of elegance and individuality, ensuring a truly exceptional and luxurious aesthetic.
Combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, Aari Manual Machine Embroidery utilizes a specialized machine operated by skilled artisans. This method mimics the intricate patterns of traditional Aari embroidery but with the efficiency of a manually guided machine. The result is finely detailed embellishments on fabrics, marrying the charm of handwork with the precision of modern machinery for a unique and sophisticated finish.
Machine embroidery is a versatile and efficient method of embellishing fabrics using computerized embroidery machines. These machines are programmed to create intricate designs, patterns, and textures on various materials. Unlike traditional hand embroidery, machine embroidery allows for consistent and precise stitching, making it a popular choice for mass production while retaining a high level of detail. This technique enables the application of a wide range of designs, from simple monograms to intricate motifs, on textiles such as garments. Machine embroidery is known for its speed, accuracy, and the ability to replicate complex patterns, making it a widely adopted process in the fashion.
Computerized machine embroidery is a modern and efficient technique that utilizes computer-controlled embroidery machines. Precise digital files containing intricate designs are programmed into the machine, allowing for accurate and consistent stitching on various fabrics.
Cord embroidery is a technique that involves the use of cords or twisted threads to create raised and textured designs on fabric. Employing various stitching methods, this approach adds a three-dimensional quality to the embroidery, resulting in visually intricate and tactile patterns. Commonly used for enhancing garments, cord embroidery brings a distinctive richness and texture to the finished product.

4. Quality Check

Nothing gets past our team unless a quality check happens. Adhering to strict protocols, work is only approved if all standards and conditions of quality are met.

5. Cutting & Stitching

Here, the garments are cut into shapes and sizes as per measurements previously taken and are stitched to make them come as close as possible to the final product.

6. Measurement Checking

When measurements are taken, they also have to be checked, with a proper chart being refered to.

7. Final Thread Cutting & Finishing

Taking a closer look at all the work done, we add our finishing touches to each and every piece before moving on to the next step.

8. Embroidery Corrections

In the rare event of any mistakes in embroidery work done, corrections are made promptly and efficiently.

9. Accessories If Any

Based on customer requirements, at this stage, accessories if any, are added to the garments – care is taken to ensure that the addition of accessories does not affect the garments in any way.

10. Ironing

Needless to say, if it isn’t ironed, it isn’t ready. All garments are steam pressed and kept ready on mannequins for a final inspection.

11. Checking On Mannequin

Approved at all stages, each and every garment is checked on mannequins by management and key personnel. Once given the go- ahead at this point, the garments are ready to be packed and shipped.

12. Packing & Shipping

Stamps of approval received, all garments are packed and shipped off to customer/client/point of sale.

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